Designed for professional rescuers, the ZOLL AED 3® BLS defibrillator provides in-depth rescue support to treat both adult and child victims of sudden cardiac arrest. ZOLL AED 3 BLS guides rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR and is one of the fastest AEDs in the industry at delivering a shock after chest compressions stop -- two critical components to increasing a victim’s chance of survival.

Heartsine Portable first Aid AED Machine
Heartsine Portable first Aid AED Machine

Smart Technology. Unrivaled Support.

The ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator has an 8-second pre-shock pause between compression cycles — one of the shortest pause times in the industry — which makes the device one of the fastest to deliver a shock. Minimizing pauses allows for more continuous lifesaving CPR, improves CPR quality, and can improve patient outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.

Enhanced Real CPR Help

The ZOLL AED 3™ BLS provides enhanced Real CPR Help® technology, which measures the actual depth and rate of each compression and displays it numerically on the CPR Dashboard™. The CPR Dashboard also shows elapsed time, CPR cycle countdown, shocks delivered and ECG. The Real CPR Help integrated, real-time CPR feedback visibly and audibly shows rescuers when they are administering high-quality CPR.

WiFi and USB Connectivity

Using RescueNet® CaseReview, detailed rescue performance data can be exported quickly and easily via USB or transferred directly over WiFi. Data on CPR rate, depth, release velocity, and compression fraction can be evaluated and used to improve future responder performance.


AED connectivity also enables fast and easy distribution of event and ECG data to medical personnel.

Heartsine Portable first Aid AED Machine



ZOLL AED portable CPR machine Singapore

Truly universal pads. Use the same pads in an adult or child rescue by simply repositioning the pads and selecting adult or child rescue mode. Five-year installed life. Provides full CPR feedback for adult patients.

Battery Pack

ZOLL AED portable CPR machine Singapore

In stand-by mode, the ZOLL AED 3 disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery has an installed life of up to five years.* Smart battery technology reports power level status to the AED or wirelessly to program management for WiFi enabled devices.
*Enabling WiFi option can reduce battery life.

Carry Case

ZOLL AED portable CPR machine Singapore

In addition to the ZOLL AED 3 with pre-connected CPR Uni-padz, the Standard Carry Case can also hold a backup set of CPR Uni-padz.

For Training Use with Clinical Unit

ZOLL AED portable CPR machine Singapore

Training Uni-Padz

Cheap ZOLL AED PLUS Singapore


Cheap ZOLL AED PLUS Singapore

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