SurePower Battery Pack

Part #8019-0535

The SurePower Battery Pack is a rechargeable lithium-ion power source that is reliable for both infrequent users and full-time professional rescuers. With onboard self-testing, usage and charging history, and an actual “Runtime” charge indicator (“Runtime”—30 minutes remaining, versus “Capacity”—25% remaining), you can be completely sure that your AED Pro is adequately powered. Also compatible with the ZOLL E Series® Monitor/Defibrillator. Charger not included.


SurePower Charging Station

Part #8050-0030

Test, recondition, and charge four SurePower batteries at once with the SurePower Charging Station. This system maximizes life-span and reliability of ZOLL rechargeable batteries. Compatible with the SurePower Battery Pack, and all previous ZOLL rechargeable batteries. Also compatible with the SurePower II Battery Pack (requires bay adapter, sold separately). Batteries not included.



R_LT_batt_charger_HRSurePower Single-Bay Battery Charger

Part #8200-000100

Test, recondition, and charge a single ZOLL SurePower or SurePower II Battery Pack. Not compatible with NiCad or sealed lead-acid batteries. Batteries not included.


AED Pro Non-rechargeable Lithium-ion Pack

Part #8000-0860

5-year maximum usable life. Cannot be recharged.


AED Pro Soft Case

Part #8000-0810


AED Pro Molded Vinyl Case

Part #8000-0832

Provides spare battery compartment.