Zoll AED Trainer II

Zoll AED Trainer II - With this simple remote, instructors can set up a rescue scenario and download to the AED Plus Trainer2 in seconds. The student pushes the on-off button on the Trainer2 unit to begin. The instructor then determines whether to shock on the next simulated heart analysis or not, whether the pads have been properly attached or not, and when the Trainer2 unit should say “PUSH HARDER” and “GOOD COMPRESSIONS.” A simple pause button lets the instructor stop the rescue altogether, confer with the student, and then pick up exactly where the simulated rescue left off. 2010 AHA and ERC Guidelines Ready Trainer II software easily switches from AHA to ERC 2010 Guidelines


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CPR-D-PADZ Training Electrode

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Replacement Adhesive Gels for CPR-D-padz Training Electrode

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Pedi-Padz II Training Electrodes (Case of 6)

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AED Plus Trainer II Replacement Wireless Remote

Cheap ZOLL AED PLUS Singapore

Demo Manikin

Cheap ZOLL AED PLUS Singapore

AED Plus Demo Kit


Stand-Alone Duffle Bag